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HISTORY 3500: The Greeks

Research Presentation Assignment.

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1. By 10/16: Choose a selection.

2. By 10/18: Below your selection (click Edit on the relevant document page), come up with a list of 5. questions.

3. 10/30: Wiki Roughdraft due.

4. 11/6: Critiques:

5.11/8, 6 PM: Final Version.

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SAMPLE SIGNUP: i. I.1-9: The Kidnapped Women (war/gender) Anise K. Strong
1. I.16-20: Alyattes and the Accidental Arson (war/religion) Patrick Saunders
2. I.27-33: Solon and True Happiness(politics/philosophy/ordinary life) Alexandra Zito
3.I. 47-52: Croesus Tests the Oracles(politics/religion) - Kelly Mason
4. I. 59-66: Peisistratos' Trick to Seize Athens(politics/religion) Erin Halliwill
5.I.163-169: The Story of Phocaea (politics/trade)
6.I. 171-180: The Carian Cities and Their Strange Customs(war/religion/politics) Josh Fooy
7. III.129-137: Democedes the Doctor (science/politics) David S. Wilson II
8. IV. I- The Scythians and their Slaves (slavery/politics) Paulina Arraut
9. IV.36-42: Mapping the World (geography/travel) Elizabeth Shook
10. IV.75-81: Intolerance of Intermarriage (culture/politics) Lindsay Gaarde
11. V.3-10: Thracian Wife-Suicide Contests (gender/culture) Alexandra Watkins
12. V.19-23: Macedonian Drag-Murder Plots (gender/war/politics) Chad Juarez
13. V. 55-60: The Invention of Writing (culture/trade)..Austin Gretsky
14. V.66-70: Cleisthenes, founder of democracy (politics) Sam Howard
15. V.81-86: Thebes and Aegina's Hatred of Athens (politics/war/religion) Jayce Shaffer
16.V. 92-93: The Tyrants of Corinth (politics/gender) Jacob Smith
17. V.98-102: Athens first fights the Persians [politics/war] Steve Smith
18. V. 107-117: Battle for Cyprus (war/politics) Adam Fitzmaurice
19. VI. 6-22: Siege of Miletus (war/politics)Stephanie Davis
20.VI.52-60: The Spartan Kings (politics/gender) Trevor Frederiksen
21. VI. 137-140: The Pelasgians and Intermarriage (politics/gender) Kristen Boonstra
22. VI. 121-131: Alcmaeonidae of Athens (politics/gender)


23. Themistocles 1-3: The Humble Man (politics/economy)
24. Cimon 9-11: The Wealthy Benefactor of Athens (politics/Economy)
25. Alcibiades 32-37: The Almost-Dictator (politics/culture)
26. Lysander 11-15: Astronomy and the Fall of Athens (science/war) James Carlisle